Basement Waterproofing in Geneva, IL

Why should I get Basement Waterproofing Services in Geneva, IL?

Without proper basement waterproofing, your home could suffer. Basement flooding can occur for multiple reasons. Improper design, foundation, and cracks in your walls can all lead to basement flooding. Asking yourself why you may need a better-waterproofed basement is very important when making decisions. With Total Pro Services, basement waterproofing is our specialty in Geneva, IL. We are experienced with newer and older homes ranging from numerous different styles and layouts. Homes in Geneva, IL, can be susceptible to basement flooding due to all of the rainwater throughout the year. If you are looking to save money and stress with a quality basement waterproofing company, call Total Pro Services.



Improving your Home with Basement Waterproofing Contractors in Geneva, IL

If you are wondering how to stop your basement from constantly flooding during storms and heavy rains, you’ve come to the right place. Many get flooded because there are cracks and pockets where water collects, causing more issues. Geneva, IL, has many unique homes that share older characteristics. While these homes are appealing to the eye, sometimes they lack fundamental structure in lower areas such as basements. Our company has professional contractors who can improve your basement so it will no longer flood. If you are ready to take the next step with basement renovations and have an entirely new living space that will not flood in Geneva, IL, Total Pro Services will fix it at the source.


Our Unique Waterproofing Services

Egress Window Basement Installation in Geneva, IL

Egress windows

Windows that open and are better for functionality in basements are egress windows. These windows can help your home basement function better.


Sump Pump Piping for residents of Geneva, IL

Sump Pump Installation

If you want to have water running into your basement or having a full bathroom then you need a sump pump installed. Otherwise, water will not leave your basement.


Home Foundation outdoor repair in Geneva, IL

Basement Crack Repair

Basement crack repairs will improve the air quality of your home. Saving money on heating and air conducting bills.


Outer Home  Waterproofing window plus foundation services in Geneva, IL

Exterior Waterproofing Services

Making sure your home is waterproofed from the outside will help improve the interior by not allowing moisture or water to collect.