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Premium Basement Crack Repair

Basement cracks can lead to server issues in your home. These issues if left unfixed could cost you thousands in repairs. Call us not to make sure your home is functioning properly. Get your cracks repaired by a trusted basement waterproofing company like Pro Services!


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Quality Egress windows

Egress windows can make your home basement look beautiful. These windows are larger than normal windows and can be used to help move items in out out of your home. Get quality egress windows properly installed by your trusted St. Charles waterproofing company, Pro Services.


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Sump Pump Services

Having a working sump pump can allow your home to have a fully furnished and operational bathroom. A sump pump will remove wastewater from your basement efficiently.


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Foundation Repair Services

If your home’s foundation needs repair there is no time to hesitate. Foundation issues can lead to serious problems if left broken.

Basement waterproofing services are hard to find. Most of the time, contractors you may hire will be unprofessional and create issues down the line that they are not liable. We are a professional group with Total Pro Services in St. Charles, IL. We have decades of work. Our contractors will spend time examining your property to find potential issues. After discovering potential water leaks, they will fix them using a variety of solutions. These solutions will stop any future damages from occurring. If you are a homeowner in St. Charles, IL, who is struggling with water damage, then call now.     



Quality Contractors for Basement Waterproofing in St. Charles, IL

Homeowners often overlook basement waterproofing. Nobody cares to fix these issues until someone happens. Usually, if the basement is finished, then you could have a ton of repairs. Repair costs are not cheap. Problems occur because inexperienced contractors use quick and easy solutions. These solutions work short-term but eventually fail. These failures result in water damage, such as mold, and even structural damage if the problem is not taken care of. With Total Pro Services in St. Charles, IL, our contractors can examine your basement, see where potential issues are, and fix the problem at the source, saving you money and time.  


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